Scott LeComte

Guitar / Vocals

Scott has over 28 years of experience as a guitarist and background vocalist. He is also an audio engineer, with over 10 years of experience.

Previous Bands

Shock Treatment (original)
Total Few (original and cover)
Switch56 (Original and cover)
Mockstar – current (Original)
KAB – current (Original and cover)

Musical Influences

Collective Soul
Led Zeppelin
ZZ Top
Buddy Guy

Favorite Guitarists

Buddy Guy
Brad Paisley (a close second)

First five songs on Scott’s iPod

“Baton Rouge” by The Nixons
“Healing Star” by Dishwalla
“Perfect Day” by Zak Maloy
“All Is Well” by Emerson Hart
“Amy’s Song” by Switchfoot

Favorite Quotes

“Fairy tales are full of shit.”
“Once slapped a man with a dead fish over a matter of a 15 dollar debt.”