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“Deal Man” – Official Video by KAB


A. Martinez

“Hey KAB! Deal Man is really good –– both the song and the vid. Must be satisfying to be doing something you love at such a high level as you go. Props to you all!”

A. MartinezActor / Longmire
Dave Pratt

“Being from Arizona and as the host of the World Music Stage Radio Top 10 Countdown, I was proud to see KAB on the charts! In fact, I loved their song so much that I kept my headphones on the entire time. KAB truly is a “Kick Ass Band” with the hammer down on their custom new sound of “Rock-a-bully!”

Dave PrattRadio Hall of Fame
Gary Coppolino

“I really like listening to KAB. Mark’s voice makes me want to see what’s next. He sounds three dimensional if that makes sense. These are great songs. Very easy to listen to!”

Gary CoppolinoLong Island, NY
Kimberly O’Donnell

“As the owner of Kimmyz I am proud to say that I have the best bands in the valley playing at my establishment.

However, one band that plays at Kimmyz stands out more than most. KAB is our number 1 band!

Thank you KAB for bringing nothing but great entertainment and fun to Kimmyz Rock and Roll Bar and Grill!”

Kimberly O’DonnellOwner
Felicia Gries Byrne

“Love me some KAB!!! In fact when I hear the original songs on the radio I think…. KAB does this song way better!!! Love you guys!!!

Felicia Gries Byrne